Wally Steele Ltd.
Old well on the village green

Images of Preston Village Green

photographed winter 2000


Wally Steele Ltd. provides services and consultancy to:

Improve business processes, including those for the development, maintenance and support of software.

Build bespoke project management applications and tools to support these processes.

Create web sites and content for the world wide web and for corporate intranets.

Produce and publish documentation for software, hardware and processes in printed and electronic form. Documents include user guides, reference manuals, articles, customer newsletters, flyers and marketing materials.

Church Lane leading off the green
Looking across the village green
The old well
St. Martin's Place
St. Martin's Place
Church Lane, Preston
tel: 01462 434 022
fax: 01462 431 460
 e-mail: info@wallysteele.com
web: www.wallysteele.com
Communications systems on the village green
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